Derek's Don application

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Derek's Don application

Post by DerekBAWS. on Thu Jan 15, 2015 4:53 am

About you :

In-game name:DeReK
Real name: Ahmad Abuljadayel
Age: 12.5
More about yourself:  Hi, I am Ahmad Abuljadayel, you know me, I am 12.5 year old and I am Jordanian, I like to play in ugp, I like the community and I enjoy everything, I am a massive lover of junk food (obviously no one isn't) and I am also a massive motorhead, I like cars, especially the sporty ones, take a look at the Pagani for example, and also I have been playing at ugp for nearly 4 years and I have been in many clans and this clan did grab my attention these past few months, I also hate school and personally I'd like to say "fork school" in a bad way Razz
Country/Timezone: Jordan, idk timezones
Who has invited you to join Don? Nobody, I just felt like I wanted to join Don
Why do you want to join Don clan?: Because it looks like a nice clan and it has fun community, I'd like to be part of this clan, it is successful and good, and seems fun to play with (no not because of territories Razz)
Other languages?: Arabic, little little bit Spanish, bit French

Skills related :

Rate your RW skills(?/10) 7/10
Rate your WW skills?(?/10) 8/10

In-game stats :

Previous clans : UD, sD, SC, PS, gR, HiTec (wow :p)
Why did you leave / get kicked / or denied : UD, sD, SC: fail clans I made
PS: Left to join gR
gR: left to join HiTec
HiTec: Left to leave server
Rate your English (out of 10): 8/10
Hours In-game: 2530+
In-game kills : 6400+ (ik it should be 7000 but I was total nub in killing in 2011-early 2013)

Terms :

If you get accepted, new Name(with [Don] tag): [Don]DeReK
Do you agree that if you break any of Don's rules then you can be demoted? Yes
Do you agree that you will follow instructions of higher ranked Don members? Yes
Do you agree that your rank can be removed if you are inactive without letting us know? Yes
Do you agree that you are satisfied with any rank we offer you? Yes


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Re: Derek's Don application

Post by [Don]Michael on Sat Jan 17, 2015 3:24 am


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New Name: [Don]DeReK

Good luck.

Locked & Moved.

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